The Monologues of the Master

Hello there! Nice to meet you, the pleasure is all mine! My name is Master Monologue and I know what you’re thinking, no I didn’t choose that name because I believe I am the master, I chose that name because….well, “Mister Monologue” was already taken so here I am! I am here to hopefully dazzle you with my own creative monologue’s and imaginative scenarios from different characters all across the spectrum from DC to anime I’ve written something for them all! Or at the very least I will, you can’t rush greatness. In these writings of mine I will do my best to write them in the same speech pattern, persona, and style of the character(s) I choose as if they were actually saying it themselves, sometimes I’ll even go off of something they’ve said in their comics, TV show(s), manga, or anime and spin them further into a fascinating and captivating speech that I hope you will all enjoy! Welp, that’s all I have to say about that, welcome to my blog of monologues (hey that kinda rhymed) and I hope you’ll stick around for a long time. Tata for now!

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